Portrait of Henry Twidle

Henry Twidle and his wife Agnes settled at Granite Bay, Quadra Island in 1911.

The first school and teach on Valdez (Quadra) Island

First teacher Kate Smith with her horse in front of the log building that was used as the first school on Quadra. It was located in the Heriot Bay area.

Quadra Island May Day, 1956

"Slim" and his dog at his homestead at Ramsey Arm

Laurette and Jim Stanton

The Stantons had a homestead for many years up Knight Inlet and are best known as the subject of the book "Grizzlies in Their Back Yard".

Wedding at Cape Mudge

Leila Roberts and Ronnie Assu cutting the cake at their wedding.

W.E. Anderson and his wife Margaret on board the "Quathiaski 10"

The Andersons owned and operated the Quathiaski Canning Company and the Quathiaski 10 was used as their pleasure craft. In the background are the cannery buildings.

On the Anderson family porch, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

Nellie Whipple seated. Mrs. Anderson with Peggy in her arms and Valerie at left.

Studio portrait of John Bruce Manson

John Manson was born 1897 on Cortes Island

Phil Lavigne at his homestead, Prideaux Haven

Portrait of Jeanie D. Forrester, Quadra Island

Miss Forrester was an early Quadra Island teacher and daughter of Anna Joyce.

Group on the porch of the Anderson home, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

From left: Velma Anderson, Gladys Moore Pearson, Mae Anderson, and Margaret DesBrisay.

Stapleton on the front steps of his cabin, Toba Inlet

im Stapleton was one of the early settlers in the Toba Inlet area, 1936.

James and Ann Forrest's wedding portrait

Ann "Tottie" Barker Forrest and James McKelvie(?) Forrest Wedding Portrait taken in Victoria, BC. The Forrest family settled in Shoal Bay, Thurlow Island.

Hans and Kathinka Hansen's children at Port Neville, B.C.

Written on the back of the photograph; "In the Good Ole Summer Time". From left: Lily, Edith, Arthur, and Oly Hansen ready for a swim.

Likely Henry Twidle's Garden at Granite Bay

Rob, Dorothy, and Frank Yeatman at their home, Sunny Side Farm, Quadra Island

Mrs. James A. Nixon of Twin Islands with slaughtered pigs

Miss Strange of Whaletown, Cortes Island

Bennie Hayes and Bea Wilson

Bea Wilson was Beatrice Hawkin's oldest child of F.G. Hawkins of Cortes Island. Her husband was Captain Robert Wilson. Photo taken on W. 45th Ave, South Vancouver in 1922.

Johnny and Jenny Macamoose in their canoe

Logging at the Schnarr place, Bute Inlet

View of the logging slash behind August Schnarr's homestead at Bute Inlet.

Schnarr family house at homestead up Bute Inlet Inlet, Schnarr's Landing

August and Zaida Schnarr's daughters wearing rose hip necklaces

Pearl on the left, Pansy on the right, likely taken when the family lived at Bute Inlet.

Group of Quadra Island school children