Mrs. James A. Nixon in her bedroom at Twin Islands

Herman Stenfors and Charles Neuberg, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

From left: Herman, Charles Neuberg "Old Dutchie".

Blind Channel Cannery construction workers

The Blind Channel cannery was built in 1916 by W.E. Anderson who also owned the cannery at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island.

Blind Channel Cannery Crew

Crew members from the Blind Channel Cannery. The man with the moustache is Wiley Whittington.

Margaret Tipton of Read Island

Photograph of Margaret Tipton, taken in the 1920s.

Quadra Island residents waiting for a boat at the wharf at Quathiaski Cove

Portrait of W.E. Anderson

W. E. Anderson owned and operated the Quathiaski Canning Company, Quadra Island.

Dot Yeatman reading a book in her home, Quadra Island

The Keeling children of Read Island

From left: Clarence and Win Keeling. Girl is unknown.

The Barrow's and friends on a log at Ramsey Arm

From left: Amy Barrow, "Slim", Jim Stapleton, and Francis Barrow

Johnny and Jenny Macamoose on the Nimpkish River

The Macamoose's in their canoe. One of Jenny's baskets can be seen beside her in the canoe.

The first school on Valdez (Quadra) Island

Handliner's fishing in the rapids near Stuart Island

Roy Marlatt's house on Mary Island

Jim and Laurette Stanton's home at Knight Inlet, B.C.

See also photograph no. 15529 which is identified as the Stanton's first home at Kwalate Point.

Group of Quadra Island residents having an Easter picnic at the Lighthouse

Picnic group includes several member of the Anderson family of Quathiaski Canning Company, and other picnickers. On reverse of photograph from left to right: Val, Jack, Melvin, Mae, Mr. M., Mr. D, Mrs. Davidson, Mother, Mrs. Whipple, Mrs. Marshall, Elva, and Mae.

Mr. John Manson, early settler on Cortes Island

Gathering at Alfred Joyce's, Quadra Island

Left to right: Anna Joyce, Lussier (?), Grace Yeatman, Emma Yeatman, Dot Yeatman, Vivian, Helen Joyce, teacher, Joe Bigold, Chappie the dog, and Arthur Joyce. Remaining three unidentified.

Welcome Figures at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Billie and Hans Hansen of Port Neville, B.C.

Quathiaski No. 10 fully loaded and tied up at the wharf at Quathiaski

The Quathiaski No. 10 was the Anderson family's personal launch. This photograph was likely taken as the Anderson family were either coming to or leaving Quadra Island for their winter home in Vancouver.

Young members of the Junior Women's Association

Young members of the Junior Women's Association at the Walker home (later known as Camp Holmwood): Front row, from left: unknown, Mina Stanley, unknown, Lorraine Yeatman. Back row, from left: Sophie Wiseman, Ida Callow, Margery Greene, Barbara Greene, unknown, Tuko Noagama, unknown, and Doreen...

Rob and Dot Yeatman in the garden, Quadra Island

Portrait of Henry Twidle

Henry Twidle and his wife Agnes settled at Granite Bay, Quadra Island in 1911.

August Schnarr's homestead at Bute Inlet

View of logging slash on hill side behind the Schnarr homestead, Bute Inlet.