Group of early Quadra Island residents on board a boat in Quathiaski Cove

L to R: Frank Yeatman, Helen Joyce, child Jorpis Berg, Grandma Yeatman, Mrs John Berg, Ethel Joyce

May Day on Quadra Island, 1950

View of Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island showing several of the cannery buildings.

Damaged ground after 1946 earthquake, Read Island

This earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

August and Zaida Schnarr's daughters having a bath

From right; Pearl, Pansy and Marion Schnarr in bathtub at their home at Bute Inlet in the 1920s.

String of marten trapped by August Schnarr

August Schnarr had a trapline in the Bute Inlet area which is likely where these were

Group of Stuart Island residents having a picnic

From left: Mrs. Lidy Ines, Mrs. Wilby, behind Mrs Wilby; Will Muehle, Mary Brimacombe (holding rectangular cake), Mandy Bell, man behind Happy Ines, ?, man with sunglasses Bob Bell (Bell's Bold Point Ranch, Quadra), Kitty Slicker(?), Margaret Parrish. Holding salad bowl; Hazel Summer, man on...

Wooden carving at Kingcome Inlet

Fishing, possibly for eulachon, on the Kleena Kleene River

From left: Borden Hayward, Jim Stanton and Laurette Stanton up Kleena Kleene River, at the head of Knight Inlet.

Edward McAllister with his mother Mae McAllister (nee Anderson)

Photograph was taken on the verandah of the Anderson family home. This was his first year at Quathiaski Cove.

Manson Family gathering, Cortes Island

Back, third from left: Hazel, Jean, Wilf, and Ervin McKay; Front, second from left: Mary Hayes, fourth from left Art Hayes, others unknown.

Lizzie Law and her Father at Open Bay, Quadra Island

Portrait of Mary Marlatt

Mary Marlatt was a settler on Mary Island.

Alfred Joyce on his horse, Cayuse

Alfred Joyce on his horse named "Cayuse" at the Joyce family home in Cape Mudge, circa 1900.

Read Island pioneers in front of Tipton's store, Surge Narrows

Phil Lavigne at his homestead at Prideaux Haven

Group on the porch of the Anderson home, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

From left: Velma Anderson, Gladys Moore Pearson, Mae Anderson, and Margaret DesBrisay.

The Union Steamship, Venture

Two men poling up the Kleena Kleene River at the head of Knight Inlet

Jim Stanton (standing at stern of boat) with Paul Pojhie headed up the Kleena Kleene River with supplies for bear hunting camp.

The second Heriot Bay Hotel, Quadra Island

Dead deer at August Schnarr’s place, Bute Inlet

Rose Manson (McKay) and "Cougar" Smith (John Cecil Smith)

Portrait of Alfred Joyce Aylsham

This photograph was taken on March 5, 1880.

Captain and Mrs. James A. Nixon of Twin Islands

Quadra Island May Day, 1958

Back row from left: Glen Fair, Jack Grafton, Dennis Brendeland, and Sandy Billy. Front row from right: Shirley Basset, Carolyn Grafton, Christine Ogren, and Vicki Assu.