View of Yeatman's farm, Quadra Island

View overlooking an acre of the Yeatman's farm, known as Sunny Side farm, on Quadra Island.

Mrs. Johnson and Zaida Schnarr with bear pelt

Mrs. (Einar) Beryl Johnson on left. Her husband operated a logging camp in Bute Inlet, c. 1930.

August Schnarr and other's caging a cougar

This cougar is probably the cougar treed in photograph no. 14437 which was treed by cougar bounty hunter August Schnarr.

Damaged ground after 1946 earthquake, Read Island

This earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

Jim and Laurette Stanton in front of their home, Knight Inlet, B.C.

The Stantons in front of their log cabin at Dutchman's Head, Knight Inlet. Photograph was taken on July 1st, 1961.

Three Union Steamships at the wharf in Quathiaski Cove

From left to right: the S.S. Venture, unidentified, and the S.S. Coquitlam.

Rose Manson and Jean "Bubs" Robinson

Rose Manson and Jean "Bubs" Robinson on Cortes Island. Jean's mother was lost on the steamship SS Sophia in 1925.

"Children's Day" A Garden Party, Heriot Bay, B.C.

Post Card dated August 11, 1909. From left: Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Horner, Mrs. Bagot holding Esther, behind them; Billy Glennan. Back row from left: Frank Bagot, Mrs. Bryant, Daisy Bryant, Mr. Tester, Jack Hanager, Phil Horner, to the bottom right of Phil; Dick Cobb, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, in...

Mary Island homestead covered in snow

Jack McPhee and Ed Atkins at Bute Inlet with wolf skin

Presumably McPhee and Atkins were hunting with August Schnarr when they shot this wolf in the Southgate River area.

August Schnarr's trapping cabin at the head of Bute Inlet

One of Schnarr's cabins located up Homathko River Canyon, Bute Inlet 1920’s.

Heriot Bay Hotel, Quadra Island

CPR Steamship, Beatrice, at Quathiaski Cove

Aerial view of Cape Mudge Village in 1967

Members of the Women's Institute, St. John's Church, Quadra Island

Members of the Beech and Hall families, Quadra Island

Keeling Children with horses on Read Island

Gary, Clarence, and Win Keeling; raised by the Tiptons at Read Island.

Group of Cortes Island settlers

Back from left: Mrs. Michael Manson, Ethel (nee Manson), Mrs. J. Humes, Captain and Mrs. James A. Nixon. Front from left: Hazel (nee Manson) and Henry Heinwig, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley.

The Wilson family in front of their home on Quadra Island

Left to right: Robert Wilson Jr., Arlette Wilson, Chris Jones Jr., Jane Jr., Pearl Wilson. At their first home next door to the Bagots. "Had to go about half a mile to get water. Dad was night watchman at the cannery at this time. The well went dry every summer" - Grace Wilson McPherson.

Hans and Kathinka Hansen's children at Port Neville, B.C.

Karen Hansen holding Edith, Lily in front, Olaf and Arthur Hansen.

Hunters in Knight Inlet area with grizzly hide

Hunters: Dr. E.R. Rodger, C.J. Maxton Levon Bender and Fred Maroff with a grizzly hide measuring 9 1/2" by 9 1/2" ft. Presumably these hunters where guided by Jim Stanton, well known Knight Inlet resident.

Group of children at the Walker home on Mother Goose Day, Quadra Island

R.J. Walker's home was located at Gowlland Harbour, Quadra Island.

Group of Quadra Island residents having an Easter picnic at the Lighthouse

Picnic group includes several member of the Anderson family of Quathiaski Canning Company, and other picnickers. On reverse of photograph from left to right: Val, Jack, Melvin, Mae, Mr. M., Mr. D, Mrs. Davidson, Mother, Mrs. Whipple, Mrs. Marshall, Elva, and Mae.

Group on the porch of the Anderson home, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

From left: Mae Anderson, Margaret Anderson, and Velma Anderson.

Erro Luoma's car being unloaded off the Union Steamship Chelohsin at Granite Bay

Car is a 1930 or 1931 Chevrolet. The Chelohsin was part of the Union Steamship co. fleet