Seine Boat at Quathiaski Cove

Seine boat, the Quathiaski #5, at Quathiaski Cove.

Johnny and Jenny Macamoose on the Nimpkish River

The Macamoose's in their canoe. One of Jenny's baskets can be seen beside her in the canoe.

Anne Möller Fra Lvend og Kathinka with Hans Hansen

Portrait of Hans Hansen with his second wife.

Reverend Alan Greene and his wife Gertrude at their home on Quadra Island

Reverend Greene of the Columbia Coast Mission was assigned the district which included Quadra Island in 1919. He and his wife took up residence at Quathiaski Cove.

Portrait of Sonny Marlatt

Father of Roy Marlatt, who bought Mary Island.

Portrait of Henry Twidle

Henry Twidle and his wife Agnes settled at Granite Bay, Quadra Island in 1911.

Group on board the Quathiaski No. 10

From left: Frank Yeatman, Helen Joyce, Jorpis Berg, Grandpa Yeatman, Mrs. John Berg, and Ethel Joyce.

Alfred Joyce and Family of Quadra Island

The girl with the bow in her hair is Helen Andrews of Courtenay.

W.E. Anderson, owner operator of the Quathiaski Canning Company, at his home in Vancouver

Purser Bert Robson and Captain John Park

Purser Bert Robson and Captain John Park on the deck of the Union Steamship, Venture, 1914.

August Schnarr standing on Kleena Kleene glacier

August Schnarr noted that since this photograph was taken in 1913 the glacier has receded 5 miles.

Social gathering on Read Island

Logging at the Schnarr place, Bute Inlet

View of the logging slash behind August Schnarr's homestead at Bute Inlet.

Aerial view of Big Bay, Stuart Island

Dent (Yaculta) Rapids, Dent Islands

Either the Homathko or the Southgate River, head of Bute Inlet

Welcome Figure at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Welcome Figures at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Francis Barrow in his youth

Black bear probably shot by August Schnarr in Bute Inlet

Successful deer hunt at August Schnarr’s place, Bute Inlet

Agnes Twidle in her garden, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Beach in front of Cape Mudge Lighthouse and Fog Station, Quadra Island

The Lighthouse station was established in 1898. Cape Mudge Beacon was built in 1915.

Teacher Doris Nye with pupils at the schoolhouse on Read Island

From left: Forrest Lambert, Billy Whittington, Bonny Whittington, Doris Nye, and Leta Whittington.

Group of children on field at the Cape Mudge Village, Quadra Island

The man on the far left is Mr. Pettingell, a missionary. In the background is the Church and the mission house on the right.