Quadra Island Residents

From left: Mr. And Mrs. Noble, Annie Joyce, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, unknown, and possibly Rob Yeatman. Photo taken April 28, 1929.

Phil Lavigne at his homestead at Prideaux Haven

Marshall's orchard after 1946 eathquake, Read Island

This earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

Mrs. James A. Nixon of Twin Islands with slaughtered pigs

Animal skins at Mr. Chapman's house, Stuart Island

Mr. Chapman shown beside skins drying in front of his home at Stuart Island. Skins include cougars, wolves, mink, martin, and bear skins. One cougar was shot six feet from his house.

The Barrows launch the boat "Toketie" at Twin Island

View looking down the wharf at Shoal Bay, Thurlow Island

On the Anderson family porch, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

Nellie Whipple seated. Mrs. Anderson with Peggy in her arms and Valerie at left.

Members of the Marlatt family in a carriage

Doris, Lena, and Paton Marlatt with horse "Mabel". The Marlatts homesteaded on Mary Island.

Francis and Amy Barrow in 1907

Jack McPhee and Ed Atkins at Bute Inlet with wolf skin

Presumably McPhee and Atkins were hunting with August Schnarr when they shot this wolf in the Southgate River area.

Paula and Frank Culbard, Read Island

Blind Channel Cannery Crew

Crew members from the Blind Channel Cannery. The man with the moustache is Wiley Whittington.

Alfred Luoma Family, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Left to right: Silvia, Alfred, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mrs. Luoma, Elma.

Wedding at Cape Mudge

The wedding of Leila Roberts and Ronnie Assu. From left: Chief Billy Assu, unknown, Ronnie Assu, Leila Roberts, and Bud Recalma (of Qualicum).

Rob and Dot Yeatman in the front room, Quadra Island

Rob Yeatman notes that this photograph was taken with a "flashlight".

Plowing the fields at the Yeatman family farm (Sunny Side) on Quadra Island

August Schnarr and Mrs. Williams with cougar shot by Schnarr

Photograph was taken in the late late 1930s or 40s.

Group on the porch of the Anderson home, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

From left: Velma Anderson, Gladys Moore Pearson, Mae Anderson, and Margaret DesBrisay.

Wood and Armitage beside their boat at Refuge Cove

Wood and Armitage beside their boat at Refuge Cove

Plowing the fields at the Yeatman family farm (Sunny Side) on Quadra Island

Members of the Walker family having a picnic at Seymour Narrows

Top row from left: Katie, R.J., Roy, and Winnie. Children at front: Joy, Phyllis, and Ursula.

Children at Cape Mudge school

Students in front of school at Cape Mudge, 1941-1942.

The Barrows outside a building

From left: Francis Barrow, Amy Barrow, Unidentified man

Quadra Picnic at Cape Mudge Lighthouse, circa 1903

Bottom row of children from left: Ray Yeatman, Rob Yeatman, George Yeatman, Grace Hood, Dorothy Yeatman, Alice Bryant, Daisy Bryant, Dick Bryant, and Fred Yeatman. Middle row from left: Tom Yeatman, Mr. Fred Yeatman (Father), Reverend Roy Walker, Mrs. Agnes Walker, Roy Walker Junior, Katie Walker,...