Mrs. Johnson and Zaida Schnarr with bear pelt

Mrs. (Einar) Beryl Johnson on left. Her husband operated a logging camp in Bute Inlet, c. 1930.

A member of the Marlatt family on the beach, Mary Island

Probably Twidle Garden, Granite Bay

Group of Quadra Island settlers at a picnic

Quadra Island May Day, 1956

May pole dance celebrations held at Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island.

Agnes Twidle, early Granite Bay settler

Rob Yeatman with buck, Quadra Island

Unloading a catch of salmon at the Quathiaski Cannery, Quadra Island

Cannery owner, W.E. Anderson watches a one of the fishermen use a brailer to move the fish from the net.

Francis Barrow in his youth

Members of the Hansen family in front of their home at Port Neville

Left to right: Lilly, Kathinka, Edith (front) and Karen Hansen in front of house at Port Neville.

Mrs. James A. Nixon of Twin Islands

Mrs. Nixon among the blossoms of the fruit trees that Mr. Don McDonald planted many years before.

Operations at Lucky Jim Mine, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

August and Zaida Schnarr's daughters wearing rose hip necklaces

Pearl on the left, Pansy on the right, likely taken when the family lived at Bute Inlet.

Gillnet Boat fleet at Deepwater Bay, Quadra Island, 1949

Yeatman's Farm, Quadra Island

Photo of a pig at Yeatman's farm on Quadra Island. The Yeatman family home is visible in the background.

String of marten trapped by August Schnarr

August Schnarr had a trapline in the Bute Inlet area which is likely where these were

The The new elementary school on Quadra Island shortly after construction

Captain James A. Nixon of Twin Islands, B.C.

Photograph taken circa 1915.

The Schnarr girls with their pet cougars

From left: Bernice Betton, with Pearl, Pansy and Marion Schnarr. Taken near the Schnarr family home at Owen Bay, Sonora Island.

Schnarr girls with their pet cougar

Marion on the left and Pearl Schnarr. Photograph was taken near the Schnarr homestead at Owen Bay, Sonora Island.

Quadra Island May Day, 1958

Back row from left: Glen Fair, Jack Grafton, Dennis Brendeland, and Sandy Billy. Front row from right: Shirley Basset, Carolyn Grafton, Christine Ogren, and Vicki Assu.

Group in front of Mr. Charlie Allen's home at Gorge Harbour, Cortes Island

5910 Group in front of Mr. Charlie Allen's home at Gorge From left: Hostess Mrs. Charlie Allen with adopted daughter Elsie on her lap. Orphan boy behind her - she did not adopt the boy as they did not adapt to each other. Mrs. John Manson, lovingly known as Auntie Maggie, above her is Florence...

August Schnarr standing on Kleena Kleene glacier

August Schnarr noted that since this photograph was taken in 1913 the glacier has receded 5 miles.

Welcome Figures at We Wai Kai villlage at Cape Mudge

Paul and Roy Marlatt in a wooden rowboat

The Marlatt family homesteaded on Mary Island