Anna Marie and Rose Manson of Cortes Island

Fishing boat, Quathiaski #5, at Quathiaski Cove

Agnes and Henry Twidle at tea, Quadra Island

On back of photo; "These were taken while on a picnic 1/4 of a mile from here." Henry Twidle was a professional photographer who lived at Granite Bay for many years.

Two Quadra Island residents with catch of salmon at Quathiaski Cove

Harold C. and Lloyd Edgett with fishing catch, Quathiaski Cove.

August Schnarr on left with Teddy Hill

August and Teddy with a catch of trout. One of August's flat bottom river boats in the foreground.

Angus Kerr hauling in his gillnet

Angus Kerr gillnet fishing at Toba Inlet in 1939.

Members of the Yeatman family on the back porch of their home, Quadra Island

The Yeatman's farm was known as Sunny Side Farm.

Welcome Figure at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Stenfors homestead, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Stenfors stump ranch, Granite Bay.

School year end picnic at Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island

August Schnarr and Mrs. Williams with cougar shot by Schnarr

Photograph was taken in the late late 1930’s or 40’s.

Group gathered for May Day celebrations at Port Neville

Photograph was likely taken in 1937.

Float at Simoon Sound

The Dunsmiths and friends on the float at Simoon Sound. Tied up the float is the store, post office, and school.

Beach in front of Cape Mudge Lighthouse and Fog Station, Quadra Island

The Lighthouse station was established in 1898. Cape Mudge Beacon was built in 1915.

Purser Bert Robson and Captain John Park

Purser Bert Robson and Captain John Park on the deck of the Union Steamship, Venture, 1914.

Dot Yeatman reading a book in her home, Quadra Island

Luoma Family Homestead at Granite Bay, Quadra Island

A Western Canada Airways ltd. float plane landed at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

Moving house, Heriot Bay, Quadra Island

Small raft with cargo truck on back, carrying several items including a motorcycle described as "Quadra Island, Heriot Bay Teacher House"

Quadra Island May Day, 1955

Big house remains at Gwayasdums, Gilford Island

Portrait of Heriot Bay teacher, Katie Walker

Katie Walker Clarke was the first teacher of the Heriot Bay school on Quadra Island.

Unloading a catch of salmon to a packer

Quathiaski Canning Co. boats in operation in the waters adjacent to Quadra Island.

Margaret Tipton of Read Island

Photograph of Margaret Tipton, taken in the 1920s.

Rose Manson and Jean "Bubs" Robinson

Rose Manson and Jean "Bubs" Robinson on Cortes Island. Jean's mother was lost on the steamship SS Sophia in 1925.