Portrait of Alfred Joyce Aylsham

This photograph was taken on March 5, 1880.

Hans and Kathinka Hansen's children at Port Neville, B.C.

Karen Hansen holding Edith, Lily in front, Olaf and Arthur Hansen.

Dot and Emma Yeatman on their porch, Quadra Island

Mr. Chapman at his house on Stuart Island

"The place where C. shot the cougar. I just to the right of the pole on the left." identification from Barrow's original journal

Marshall's orchard after 1946 eathquake, Read Island

This earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

View of glacier at the head of Bute Inlet

August Schnar and Ed Atkins with dead wolf

Schnarr is on the left and Atkins is on the right. Photograph taken somewhere in the Bute Inlet area.

Blind Channel Cannery under construction

The Blind Channel cannery was built in 1916 by W.E. Anderson who also owned the cannery at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island.

The Barrows outside a building

From left: Francis Barrow, Amy Barrow, Unidentified man

Quadra Island Residents

From left: Mr. And Mrs. Noble, Annie Joyce, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, unknown, and possibly Rob Yeatman. Photo taken April 28, 1929.

Homestead on Mary Island

The Marlatt family's log cabin.

Guide Jim Stanton, with grizzly bear hide in the Knight Inlet area

At this time in 1953 this was reportedly the largest grizzly bear ever shot in Canada. The length and width of the bear's skull was 16 4/10" by 9 5/16". Standing beside the bear hide is well known Knight Inlet resident and hunting guide, Jim Stanton. This bear was shot on September...

Two of the Eilel Family's children with their toy dolls

The Eilel family lived at Princess Louisa Inlet.

The Union Steamship, Cheakamus

Jim and Laurette Stanton's home at Knight Inlet, B.C.

See also photograph no. 15529 which is identified as the Stanton's first home at Kwalate Point.

The Marlatt family

Clockwise from left: Charles, Egerton, Elizabeth, Roy, Samuel with Mary, Paul, and Winonah. Members of the Marlatt family homesteaded on Mary Island.

Rob Yeatman self portrait, Quadra Island

Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Joyce

View of Blind Channel, West Thurlow Island showing the cannery

The Blind Channel cannery was built in 1916 by W.E. Anderson who also owned the cannery at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island. The cannery closed in 1925- 1926.

Union Steamship, Cassiar, at Heriot Bay

Union Steamship, Cassiar, docked at the Heriot Bay wharf.

Gentleman in front garden of J. Hovell’s home, Quadra Island

Burchett and Hansen families at celebraton at Port Neville, B.C.

Written on the back of the photograph: "They were Americans, and celebrated July 4th. The lady with the hat is Mom (Kathinka Hansen), Dad (Hans Hansen) is standing beside her, Karen (Hansen) in front. "Grandma" Burchett to far right, "Grandpa" in back."

Quadra Island May Day, 1955

The Blind Channel Cannery under construction

Granite Bay residents skating on the frozen Granite Bay Harbour