View of Whaletown, Cortes Island

School teacher with pupils at Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

Individuals in photo (in no particular order): Mrs. August Tieber, Anna Manson (Middleton), Alice Marquette, Catherine Marquette, Mrs. Mary Marquette, Rose Manson, Ethel Tiber, George Marquette, Willema Smith (Mrs. Dick Thompson, Quadra Island), Nicol Manson, 1917.

St. Patrick's Day at a school on Stuart Island

Ken Aucoin, Traford Bernard, Terry Brimacombe, Marie, Gary Aucoin, Leonard Sumner, Butch Bernard, Ross Sumner, Nancy, Sarah Madsen, Mary Dyck, Linda, Sally, Susan Bassett, Marilyn Marshall, Linda Pritchard, Bill Dyck, Frances Pritchard.

Tom Brazil and his deer at his home at Blind Bay, Hardy Island

Mr. and Mrs. Grace

Photograph of the Graces taken at Beaver Lake, Loughborough Inlet

Soccer Team from the Cape Mudge Reserve, Quadra Island

The Tugboat "Active" in Bull Passage

Gillnetter's catch at dock at Stuart Island

In the background is the store. This photograph was taken at The Landing, Stuart Island.

Helen (Joyce) Andrews skating on Quadra Island

The Yeatmans in front of their log cabin at Sunnyside Farm, Quadra Island

From left: Robert Ernest Yeatman (on "Maud" the horse, born January, 1896), Thomas Charles Yeatman (born July 20, 1886), Samuel George Yeatman (born July 27, 1892) Fredrick Charles Yeatman (born April 17, 1858), Fredrick Cook Yeatman (January 7, 1894), James Kayson Yeatman (born February...

The Quathiaski 10 tied up to the wharf

The Quathiaski 10 was used by Quathiaski Cannery owner W.E. Anderson for pleasure trips.

View of remains at Cheslakees village, Nimpkish River

Village known by name of "WHULGU" - information from original catalog.

Twidle's Boat "The Illini" tied up a dock at Granite Bay

The "Illini" belonged the Henry and Agnes Twidle who were early Granite Bay settlers.

The First Lighthouse at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Written on back: "This is Louie and I on to[p] of the lighthouse. I have marked myself. Lighthouse built c. 1896, it burned down or destroyed somehow and was rebuilt in 1915."

A treed cougar

Cougar was presumably treed by bounty hunter August Schnarr in the Bute Inlet area.

August and Zaida Schnarr's daughters having a bath

From right: Pearl, Pansy and Marion Schnarr in bathtub at their home at Bute Inlet in the 1920s.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson Sr. of Quadra Island

Group of Quadra ladies and their children on the beach, Quadra Island

Group includes members of the Anderson family. From left: Unknown, Unknown, Winnie Walker; in front of Winnie; Mae Anderson, Unknown, Velma Anderson, Elva Anderson, and Unknown. (Ursula identifies Elva and Mae as twins, perhaps fraternal?). Taken froma pPostcard dated August 11, 1909 at Heriot...

Keeling Children with horses on Read Island

Gary, Clarence, and Win Keeling; raised by the Tiptons at Read Island.

Group at the beach at Drew Harbour, Quadra Island

From left: Helen Joyce, Ida Roberts, unknown man behind her, Dot Yeatman, Mike Andrews, Frank Yeatman, and George Yeatman.

Operations at Lucky Jim Mine, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Aerial view of Cape Mudge Village in 1967

Mother Goose Day event at the Walkers' Place, Quadra Island

Jim Stanton with a bird at their fishing camp

The Hansen family of Port Neville, B.C.

From left: Kathinka Hansen (?), Wilhelm Hansen, Hans Hansen, Willie (Billy Hansen?), and Karen Hansen is the child with the doll in front. Wilhelm and Hans Hansen were brothers.