Students at Quadra Island School, possibly working on a garden

Hans Hansen of Port Neville with his children

Hans Hansen with children (tentatively) Arthur, Lilly, Edith, and Olaf.

Agnes Twidle, early Granite Bay settler

Portrait of Alfred Joyce Aylsham

This photograph was taken on March 5, 1880.

Members of the Marlatt family in a carriage

Doris, Lena, and Paton Marlatt with horse "Mabel". The Marlatts homesteaded on Mary Island.

Group of Quadra Island school children

Early Stuart Island settlers

From left: Sara Madsen, Margaret Parrish, Gerd Holm, Bertha Meuhle, and Bill Meuhle.

Roy Marlatt's house on Mary Island

Three carved welcome figures at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

These welcome figures were located near the burial grounds at the Cape Mudge Village.

Members of the Hansen family at their home at Port Neville

Left to right: Karen Hansen, unknown child on lap, unidentified person, Edith (Hansen) Bendickson; from far right Arthur Hansen, unidentified person, Oly Hansen (rear), Lilly Randall; others unidentified – this may be a tea party or birthday.

The second Heriot Bay Hotel, Quadra Island

The second Heriot Bay Hotel, was built by Hosea Bull, This building burned shortly after completion. It opened December 27, 1911 and burned May 11, 1912. A replacement was built shortly thereafter.

W.E. Anderson with his grandson Edward McAllister

W.E. Anderson was the owner operator of the Quathiaski Canning Company, Quadra Island. This photograph was taking in ther back garden of his Vancouver home at 1499 Angus Drive, Vancouver.

B.C. Forest Service boat, "Cottonwood"

The "Cottonwood", a B.C. Forest Service boat, coming into Thurston Bay.

Welcome Figures at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Hunters in Knight Inlet area with grizzly hide

Hunters: Dr. E.R. Rodger, C.J. Maxton Levon Bender and Fred Maroff with a grizzly hide measuring 9 1/2" by 9 1/2" ft. Presumably these hunters where guided by Jim Stanton, well known Knight Inlet resident.

The Schnarr girls with their pet cougar

Left to right: Marion, Pearl and Pansy with their cougar Leo. Photograph taken near the Schnarr family home at Owen Bay, Sonora Island.

Crowning the May Day Queen at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

From left: Jean Richards of Cape Mudge, Violet Ralph of Quathiaski Cove, and Rosalind Law of Heriot Bay.

Members of the Manson family visiting at Twin Islands

Back from left: Jack Manson, Manson's Mother, Captain and Mrs. Nixon, Bert Froud. Front from left: Anna Maria Bruce Wingate Manson, Nicol Manson, and Rose Manson.

August Schnarr with children on his porch with dead cougar 1920's

Child on the right is August's daughter Pansy and boy is Ray Atkins. The Atkins and Schnarr's were neighbours.

Nicol Madson on Candlemas Day on Cortes Island

Captain and Mrs. James A. Nixon of Twin Islands

Earthquake damage on Read Island

Earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and was 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

View of Blind Channel Cannery, Thurlow Island

The Blind Channel cannery was built in 1916 by W.E. Anderson who also owned the cannery at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island.

The Schnarr girls with their pet cougars

Left to right: Marion, Pansy and Pearl with their pet cougars, Girlie (on left) and Leo (on right).

Stapleton's place at Stuart Island

Stapleton alongside his boom of logs.