The Yeatmans in front of their log cabin at Sunnyside Farm, Quadra Island

From left: Robert Ernest Yeatman (on "Maud" the horse, born January, 1896), Thomas Charles Yeatman (born July 20, 1886), Samuel George Yeatman (born July 27, 1892) Fredrick Charles Yeatman (born April 17, 1858), Fredrick Cook Yeatman (January 7, 1894), James Kayson Yeatman (born February...

Group on the front steps of the second Heriot Bay Hotel, Quadra Island

Left to right: Mr. and Mrs. Hosea Bull (owners of the hotel) , Peter Jorgensen, Reverend and Mrs. Scofield, Mrs. Dick, Mrs. Letson (seated), Jenny and Mae Miller (maids at the hotel), Mae and Velma Anderson, Eliz Law, Reverend Fred Comley, Mrs. Law, Unknown, Miss Theodora Spencer (Walker), behind...

Members of the Women's Institute, St. John's Church, Quadra Island

Likely Henry Twidle's Garden at Granite Bay

The Olsen family at Big Bay, Stuart Island

Winnie Olsen and her three sons; Gerry, Bob, and Carl. Big Bay, Stuart Island. The Olsens had a homestead on Sonora Island across the channel from Stuart Island.

Hans and Kathinka Hansen's children at Port Neville, B.C.

Written on the back of the photograph; "In the Good Ole Summer Time". From left: Lily, Edith, Arthur, and Oly Hansen ready for a swim.

Mrs. James A. Nixon of Twin Islands

Mrs. Nixon among the blossoms of the fruit trees that Mr. Don McDonald planted many years before.

August Schnarr standing on Kleena Kleene glacier

August Schnarr had noted that since this photograph was taken in 1913 the glacier has receded 5 miles.

View of the Tipton home at Read Island

View of the Cape Mudge lighthouse in the winter

Luoma Family Homestead at Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Livestock at the Luoma property. Alfred Luoma per-empted this property in 1906.

Group of early settlers on Cortes Island

From left: Mrs. Michael Manson, Ethel -one of the older set of twins, Mr. Michael Manson with Flossie, the younger of the younger set of twins. Gwen, last born, then Hazel at right and Jack Manson, son of John Manson.

View of the Grassy Bay, Loughborough Inlet, Toketie in background

The Beeches and the Halls of Quadra Island

Mr. and Mrs. Grace

Photograph of the Graces taken at Beaver Lake, Loughborough Inlet

Agnes Twidle in her garden, Granite Bay

View of glacier at the head of Bute Inlet

The First Lighthouse at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Written on back: "This is Louie and I on to[p] of the lighthouse. I have marked myself. Lighthouse built c. 1896, it burned down or destroyed somehow and was rebuilt in 1915."

Read Island residents gathered for a Victoria Day Picnic

A Victoria Day picnic held on May 24th at the Jones' Place. Late 1910s-1920s.

View of lighthouse at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Photo dated September 26, 1966.

The Berg Family, Quadra Island

Mr. and Mrs. John Berg of Heriot Bay.

Quadra Island May Day, 1956

Members of the Forrest family at Shoal Bay

Clockwise from left: Ann "Tottie" holding Ann, James Forrest, and Ann Barber "Grannie" Shoal Bay, Thurlow Island. James and Ann Forrest were early settlers at Shoal Bay, Thurlow Island.

Earthquake damage on Read Island

Earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and was 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

August Schnarr’s float house on beach either at Phillips or Frederick’s Arm

At this time August was hand logging in the area.