The Champions' small boat, Toba Inlet

The Champions lived up Toba Inlet

Boarding the pleasure boat Quathiaski 10

W.E. Anderson at centre. The Quathiaski 10 was a pleasure craft used by this owner of the Quathiaski Cannery.

The store and machine shop at the Landing, Stuart Island, B.C.

From left: Machine shop, cabin, post office, store. Jack Parrish had his machine shop in this location for approximately a year. He brought his machine shop from Redonda Bay where it was built, moved it to this location at the Landing, then moved it to his own property at Woodside Bay.

Members of the Yeatman family on the back porch of their home, Quadra Island

The Yeatman's farm was known as Sunny Side Farm.

Union Steamship "Cardena" tied up at the dock at Stuart Island

Union Steamship Co. boat docked at the Landing, Stuart Island. Several small commercial fishing vessels are also tied at this dock.

The Barrows and Sticklands

From left: Francis Barrow, Mrs. Stickland, Amy Barrow, George Stickland

Likely Henry Twidle's Garden at Granite Bay

Guide Jim Stanton, with grizzly bear hide in the Knight Inlet area

At this time in 1953 this was reportedly the largest grizzly bear ever shot in Canada. The length and width of the bear's skull was 16 4/10" by 9 5/16". Standing beside the bear hide is well known Knight Inlet resident and hunting guide, Jim Stanton. This bear was shot on September...

School teacher with pupils at Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

Individuals in photo (in no particular order): Mrs. August Tieber, Anna Manson (Middleton), Alice Marquette, Catherine Marquette, Mrs. Mary Marquette, Rose Manson, Ethel Tiber, George Marquette, Willema Smith (Mrs. Dick Thompson, Quadra Island), Nicol Manson, 1917.

Harvesting time at the Yeatmans' Sunny Side Farm, Quadra Island

A Western Canada Airways ltd. float plane landed at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

A bobcat hunted by August Schnarr in Bute Inlet

This bobcat was probably hunted by August Schnarr on his trapline in the Bute Inlet area.

Picnic at Drew Harbour

View of the Lighthouse Station at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Trio on Read Island

From left: Keith Eddington, Frank Culbard, and Jack Schibler.

Quadra Island ladies and children on beach at Heriot Bay

From left: Unknown, Unknown, Winnie, Mae Anderson, Elva Anderson, and Velma Anderson. Unknown boy on back right. Postcard dated August 11, 1909.

The Schnarr girls with their pet cougars

Left to right: Marion, Pansy and Pearl with their pet cougars, Girlie (on left) and Leo (on right).

Johnny and Jenny Macamoose on the Nimpkish River

The Macamoose's in their canoe. One of Jenny's baskets can be seen beside her in the canoe.

Mrs. James A. Nixon of Twin Islands with slaughtered pigs

Rob and Dot Yeatman in the front room, Quadra Island

Rob Yeatman notes that this photograph was taken with a "flashlight".

August Schnarr and Mrs. Williams with cougar shot by Schnarr

Photograph was taken in the late late 1930s or 40s.

Either the Homathko or the Southgate River, head of Bute Inlet

Union Steamship, Cheakamus

Union Steamship, the Cheakamus, at Quadra Island (previously known as Valdez Island).

Rob and Dot Yeatman in the garden, Quadra Island

Alex Burchett on the boat he built and named the "Orphan Annie"

Alex Burchett on his boat at the Government Wharf at Port Neville, B.C.