The Union Steamship, Venture

The "Percy Belsons" on the deck of their float house

The Belsons' float camp was located near Dent Island.

May Day celebrations at Port Neville

May Day gathering at Port Neville. A stamp on back indicates that this was 1937.

Pioneers Gathered at Hoods' Home, Quadra Island

Left to right: Mat Main, Grace Hood, Ethel Joyce, Roy or Gordon Hood, Jenny Main, Lillian Hood, Anna Joyce seated. Circa 1900.

Group of Cortes Island settlers

Back from left: Mrs. Michael Manson, Ethel (nee Manson), Mrs. J. Humes, Captain and Mrs. James A. Nixon. Front from left: Hazel (nee Manson) and Henry Heinwig, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley.

Group standing beside the Lighthouse at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

This lighthouse was built in the 1920s.

Visitor at Sunny Brae Farm at Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

Sunny Brae Farm was the home of the Manson family. Top row from left: Mrs. Hazeldon, friend of Mrs. Charlie Allen and Mrs. John Manson, Nicol, Anna, and Mrs. Charlie Allen of Gorge Harbour. Photo taken in 1912 after the original house burned down and smaller home was built.

Three carved welcome figures at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

These welcome figures were located near the burial grounds at the Cape Mudge Village.

Quathiaski Canning Company boats and fishermen brailing salmon

Henry Twidle in his garden at Granite Bay

Yeatman brothers with their rifles at Sunny Side Farm, Quadra Island

Frank and Rob Yeatman at rifle practice, Sunnyside Farm.

Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Walker of Quadra Island

Manson Family gathering, Cortes Island

Back, third from left: Hazel, Jean, Wilf, and Ervin McKay; Front, second from left: Mary Hayes, fourth from left Art Hayes, others unknown.

Group on the porch of the Anderson home, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

From left:.Velma Anderson, Gladys Moore Pearson, Margaret Anderson, and Mae Anderson

Miss Strange of Whaletown, Cortes Island

Wooden carving at Kingcome Inlet

The fog alarm building at Cape Mudge Lighthouse, Quadra Island

The Port Neville forest fire

This is likely Billy Hansen's logging camp which is where the forest fire started in 1924.

Members of the Manson family visiting at Twin Islands

Back from left: Jack Manson, Manson's Mother, Captain and Mrs. Nixon, Bert Froud. Front from left: Anna Maria Bruce Wingate Manson, Nicol Manson, and Rose Manson.

Beach front at Read Bay, Topaze Harbour

This was the site of a indian village.

The Falks' Place, August 1913

Charles Neuberg, "Old Dutchie" at Stenfors place, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Hansen Family on the porch of their home at Port Neville

From left: Lily (Bendickson) Hansen, Hans Hansen, Oly Hansen holding Harold Hansen, Lily (Hansen) Randall, Karen Hansen. Hans Hansen (in wheelchair) died in 1939 therefore it is likely that this photograph was taken in the the late 1930's.

Boats tied up at the wharf at the Landing, Stuart Island

Coast Missionary boat an be seen behind the shed. Boat on the far right is "Eva W." George Parson's boat."Klakweet", Jack Fisher's boat. He drowned off of it. Lower right, "Tidal Wave" Bill Jago's boat. "John Antle" of the Columbia Coast...

August and Zaida Schnarr's daughters in front of cages

Left to right; Marion, Pearl, Pansy. This photograph was taken at the Schnarr family homestead at Bute Inlet. The girls are standing in front of the marten and mink cages.