Hans and Kathinka Hansen's children at Port Neville, B.C.

Written on the back of the photograph; "In the Good Ole Summer Time". From left: Lily, Edith, Arthur, and Oly Hansen ready for a swim.

August Schnarr's trapping cabin at the head of Bute Inlet

One of Schnarr's cabins located up Homathko River Canyon, Bute Inlet

Sports Day on Stuart Island

Sport day event on beach in front of school house at Stuart Island

Wolf shot by August Schnarr and Ed Atkins, Bute Inlet

The Schnarr girls with their pet cougars

Left to right: Marion, Pansy and Pearl with their pet cougars, Girlie (on left) and Leo (on right).

Charles Neuberg, "Old Dutchie" at Stenfors place, Granite Bay

View looking down the wharf at Shoal Bay, Thurlow Island

The Barrows with their friends at Surge

From left: The "Professor" (Montgomery), Mrs. Barrow, A. Frost, Mr. Barrow.

The Yeatman family playing musical instruments in their home

Frank, Dot, and Rob Yeatman in the parlour of the Yeatman home. Photograph taken December 20, 1915.

Walker Memorial Church at Cape Mudge Village, Quadra Island

View of glacier at the head of Bute Inlet

View of the buildings and lighthouse at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Portrait of Henry Twidle

Henry Twidle and his wife Agnes settled at Granite Bay, Quadra Island in 1911.

View of Granite Bay in winter, taken from the front door of the Twidle home

Written on back of photograph; "Granite Bay, B.C. Taken directly from front of our house. H.T."

Captain and Mrs. James A. Nixon of Twin Islands in their new home

Possibly a member of the Joyce family with her bicycle, Quadra Island

The Marquette Family on Cortes Island

Yeatman Home after a snowfall, Quadra Island

The Schnarr girls with their pet cougars

From left: Bernice Betton, with Pearl, Pansy and Marion Schnarr. Taken near the Schnarr family home at Owen Bay, Sonora Island.

Horse and cart at Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

Flo McKay driving, Jean Manson beside her. Back from left: Dorothy Manson, Dorcas Essen, Anne McDevitt, Lottie McDevitt, Manson's Landing school building in background.

Two Quadra Island residents with catch of salmon at Quathiaski Cove

Harold C. and Lloyd Edgett with fishing catch, Quathiaski Cove.

The Stantons in their "Family Car" at the head of Knight Inlet, B.C.

Laurette and Jim Stanton going visiting in their flat bottomed river boat, Knight Inlet.

Edward McAllister with his mother Mae McAllister (nee Anderson)

Photograph was taken on the verandah of the Anderson family home. This was his first year at Quathiaski Cove.

Horse and cart on the road to Mansons Landing

From left: Flo McKay, Jean Manson, Dorothy Manson, and Dorcas Essen.

The boat Five B.R., at Needle Peaks, Bute Inlet