"May 28, 1924” from August Schnarr's album

The Schnarr floathouse pulled up on the beach. This is likely Schnarr's first floathouse which later sank when he was moving it to his new homestead up Bute Inlet.

Group of First Nations women on the beach at Cape Mudge, 1915

Heriot Bay and Rebecca Spit

View overlooking Heriot Bay and Rebecca Spit, 1915.

The Yeatman family home on Quadra Island

The Yeatman family settled at Sunny Side Farm on Quadra Island.

Yeatman's Farm, Quadra Island

Photo of a pig at Yeatman's farm on Quadra Island. The Yeatman family home is visible in the background.

Zaida Schnarr and daughters at Stuart Island.

From left: Pansy, Pearl, Marion Schnarr with their mother Zaida. In the background is a view of the Arran Rapids.

View of Blind Channel, West Thurlow Island

This photograph was likely taken in 1916 when the Blind Channel Cannery was under construction.

The Quathiaski 10 tied up to the wharf

The Quathiaski 10 was used by Quathiaski Cannery owner W.E. Anderson for pleasure trips.

Union Steamship, Cassiar, at Heriot Bay

Union Steamship, Cassiar, docked at the Heriot Bay wharf.

Catch of fish in Bute Inlet area

Unidentified man with catch of fish

Reverend Alan Greene and his wife Gertrude at their home on Quadra Island

Reverend Greene of the Columbia Coast Mission was assigned the district which included Quadra Island in 1919. He and his wife took up residence at Quathiaski Cove.

View of buildings at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island sometime after 1910

From left: Gas storage, store, Anderson family house, caskhouse(?), tast(?) house. The Anderson family owned and operated the Quathiaski Canning Co. and the house in the center is where they would live when the cannery was operating.

Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Walker of Quadra Island

Quathiaski Canning Company fishermen brailing salmon

Zaida Schnarr and with two of her daughters

Quadra Island ladies and children on beach at Heriot Bay

From left: Unknown, Unknown, Winnie, Mae Anderson, Elva Anderson, and Velma Anderson. Unknown boy on back right. Postcard dated August 11, 1909.

Group of people waving from wharf in front of Quathiaski Cannery

Photograph taken in the late 1910s to early 1920s.

Jack McPhee and Ed Atkins at Bute Inlet with wolf skin

Presumably McPhee and Atkins were hunting with August Schnarr when they shot this wolf in the Southgate River area.

MacDonald and Hill in one of August Schnarr's river boats

Wardy MacDonald, on left was the storekeeper at Shoal Bay with Teddy Hill on right the forest ranger from Thurston Bay. Photograph was taken either in the Homathko or Southgate Rivers, Bute Inlet.

Union Steamship "Cardena" tied up at the dock at Stuart Island

Union Steamship Co. boat docked at the Landing, Stuart Island. Several small commercial fishing vessels are also tied at this dock.

Group of school children at Cortes Island

Children may be standing in the school yard adjacent to the Mansons Landing School.

Portrait of Henry Twidle

Henry Twidle and his wife Agnes settled at Granite Bay, Quadra Island in 1911.

House decoration at Kingcome Inlet

Floss (Manson) Kenny of Cortes Island and her son Ralph

View of the Port Neville Store and post office

Hans Hansen established the store and post office at Port Neville, B.C.