Joy Walker and friend on Mrs. McPherson's horse

Mrs. McPherson was the local school teacher.

The Pedersen's float camp, at Watson Island

Watson Island, Tribune Channel

Francis and Amy Barrow

From left: Francis Barrow, Amy Barrow, unknown man

Marshall's place after the 1946 earthquake, Read Island

Note the fence far above the field it once enclosed. This earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

View of the Cape Mudge lighthouse in the winter

The Union Steamship, Venture

Quadra Island May Day, 1958

Back row from left: Glen Fair, Jack Grafton, Dennis Brendeland, and Sandy Billy. Front row from right: Shirley Basset, Carolyn Grafton, Christine Ogren, and Vicki Assu.

May Day celebrations on Quadra Island, 1922

Queen of the May Day (centre) is Elza Johnson. Dorothy McKenzie (Maid of Honour) and Doris Kilgour also pictured.

Union Steamship, Chelohsin

The Union Steamship "Chelohsin" at Rock Bay, 1940.

School year end picnic at Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island

Quadra Island May Day, 1956

May pole dance celebrations held at Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island.

Hans and Kathinka Hansen's children at Port Neville, B.C.

From left: Edith (born June 11, 1918), Arthur (born May 24, 1916), Lily (born June 19,1912), Oly (born June 18, 1909), Karen (born April 25, 1904, died June 18/19 1964), Billy (born October 29, died October 19, 1956.)

View of lighthouse at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Photo dated September 26, 1966.

Amy Barrow taken when she was young woman in England

Dead deer at August Schnarr’s place, Bute Inlet

May Day on Quadra Island, 1950

New Year's Eve at the Yeatman home, Quadra Island

The Yeatmans playing cards in their parlour, 1916.

Members of the Forrest family in canoe at Heydon Lake

Helen (Joyce) Andrews skating on Quadra Island

Quadra Island May Day, 1955

Stage at May Day celebrations.

Portrait of Margaret Emma Anderson

Margaret Anderson was the wife of W.E. Anderson. The Anderson family owned and operated the Quathiaski Canning Co. which operated at Quadra Island. This portrait was probably taken at the same time as the portrait of W.E. Anderson (catalog no. 19534) in the 1940s.

Emma and Dot Yeatman, Quadra Island

Emma Yeatman listening to her daughter play the piano in the family home.

View of Granite Bay in winter, taken from the front door of the Twidle home

Written on back of photograph; "Granite Bay, B.C. Taken directly from front of our house. H.T."

Bringing in the hay at the Hansen farm, Port Neville, B.C.

Luoma Family Homestead at Granite Bay, Quadra Island