Aerial view of Big Bay, Stuart Island

View of either the Homathko or the Southgate River

The Beeches and the Halls of Quadra Island

Agnes Twidle on deck of a boat with friends

Agnes Twidle second from right. She and her husband Henry were early Granite Bay settlers.

August and Zaida Schnarr with their two daughters

August is holding Pearl and Pansy is standing. The photograph was taken at Chameleon Harbour, Sonora Island which is where Zaida's family the Lansall's lived.

Group of students in front of their school at Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

Arthur Hayes, Jack Hayes, Marjorie Hayes, Anna Manson, Rose Manson, Miss Katherine Lettice, Alice Marquette, Nicol Manson, Darrel Thompson, Florence Hayes, Willena Smith, George The students are identified as : Marquette, Betty Hayes, Arthur Pickles, Marjorie Pickles, Helen Marquette, Unknown,...

Group of First Nations women on the beach at Cape Mudge, 1915

The Marquette Family on Cortes Island

Members of the Marlatt family

"Leaving Whaletown" at Cortes Island, B.C. is written on back of the photograph. The Marlatt family homesteaded on Mary Island.

Portrait of Heriot Bay teacher, Katie Walker

Katie Walker Clarke was the first teacher of the Heriot Bay school on Quadra Island.

Earthquake damage on Read Island

Picture showing the damage left by the 1946 earthquake. Marshall's orchard visible in the distance.

Snowfall near the Twidle home, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Written on the back of the photograph "Granite Bay, First out of the house."

The Port Neville forest fire

This is likely Billy Hansen's logging camp which is where the forest fire started in 1924.

The Foghouse Building at Cape Mudge Lighthouse

Unidentified man with dead bear

Photograph taken by August Schnarr who likely trapped this bear

Major Fleischman's Yacht "Haida" and the Barrow Yacht "Toketie"

"Haida" in background, "Toketie" in foreground. Phillips Arm

Amy Barrow taken when she was young woman in England

Marion Schnarr at the Schnarr homestead at Bute Inlet

Hauling in the seine nets by hand

One of the Quathiaski Canning Company fishermen hauling in the seine net.

Quathiaski Store and Meat Market

The Quathiaski Store and Meat Market when it was owned by the BC Packers Company. The totem pole in the photo was moved from the village of Cape Mudge to the BC Packer's store. It eventually fell down and was taken back to the reserve where it lay between the homes of John Dick Senior's...

The Berg Family, Quadra Island

Mr. and Mrs. John Berg of Heriot Bay.

View of Blind Channel, West Thurlow Island

This photograph was likely taken in 1916 when the Blind Channel Cannery was under construction.

May Day celebrations on Quadra Island, 1922

Queen of the May Day (centre) is Elza Johnson. Dorothy McKenzie (Maid of Honour) and Doris Kilgour also pictured.

Mrs. James A. Nixon of Twin Islands with string of sausages

Captain Nixon reared, slaughtered, and made sausages of the pigs. Mrs. Nixon made the pork pies. See also photograph no. 5920.

Quathiaski No. 10 coming in to dock with a load of passengers

The Quathiaski No. 10 was the Anderson family's personal launch.