Hans and Kathinka Hansen's children at Port Neville, B.C.

From left: Edith (born June 11, 1918), Arthur (born May 24, 1916), Lily (born June 19,1912), Oly (born June 18, 1909), Karen (born April 25, 1904, died June 18/19 1964), Billy (born October 29, died October 19, 1956.)

Mrs. James Nixon of Twin Islands

Mrs. Nixon with shotgun and several dead geese.

Either the Homathko or the Southgate River, head of Bute Inlet

Young members of the Junior Women's Association

Young members of the Junior Women's Association at the Walker home (later known as Camp Holmwood): Front row, from left: unknown, Mina Stanley, unknown, Lorraine Yeatman. Back row, from left: Sophie Wiseman, Ida Callow, Margery Greene, Barbara Greene, unknown, Tuko Noagama, unknown, and Doreen...

Portrait of Henry Twidle

Henry Twidle and his wife Agnes settled at Granite Bay, Quadra Island in 1911.

Pioneers Gathered at Hoods' Home, Quadra Island

Left to right: Mat Main, Grace Hood, Ethel Joyce, Roy or Gordon Hood, Jenny Main, Lillian Hood, Anna Joyce seated. Circa 1900.

Portrait of Winonah Marlatt

Written on back: "To Roy, From Winonah". The Marlatt family homesteaded on Mary Island.

Rose Manson and Jean "Bubs" Robinson

Rose Manson and Jean "Bubs" Robinson on Cortes Island. Jean's mother was lost on the steamship SS Sophia in 1925.

Group of school children at Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

School children have been identifed as: George Marquette, Florence Hayes, Ethel Tiber, Dorothy Hayes, Nora Hayes, Helen Marquette, Veronica Tiber, Betty Hayes, Nicol Manson, Jack Hayes, Alice Marquette, Marjorie Hayes.

Members of the Robertson and Middleton Family, Cortes Island

From left: Margaret Robertson, Margaret Middleton (daughter of Bert Middleton and niece of Harry M.), Anna Manson (visiting Mrs. David Robertson), Duncan Robertson, and Alan Robertson. Photo taken July, 1916 in Whaletown on Cortes Island.

Members of the Manson family visiting at Twin Islands

Back from left: Jack Manson, Manson's Mother, Captain and Mrs. Nixon, Bert Froud. Front from left: Anna Maria Bruce Wingate Manson, Nicol Manson, and Rose Manson.

Four loggers at Powell River Company boom at Teakerne Arm

Mountain climbers getting directions from Jim Stanton

Jim Stanton, on right showing mountain climbers proper route for climbing up Mt. Waddington. Jim Stanton was a long time Knight Inlet resident.

Children at a party at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island

Written on back of photo: "For Mrs. Marlatt, Our home, Cape Mudge Mission House. A party we gave the Indian children. Do you see us? You may need a magnifying glass to see children."

Quadra Island May Day 1989

Group of Quadra Island settlers at a picnic

August Schnar and Ed Atkins with dead wolf

Schnarr is on the left and Atkins is on the right. Photograph taken somewhere in the Bute Inlet area.

Group of Stuart Island residents having a picnic

From left: Mrs. Lidy Ines, Mrs. Wilby, behind Mrs Wilby; Will Muehle, Mary Brimacombe (holding rectangular cake), Mandy Bell, man behind Happy Ines, ?, man with sunglasses Bob Bell (Bell's Bold Point Ranch, Quadra), Kitty Slicker(?), Margaret Parrish. Holding salad bowl; Hazel Summer, man on...

W.E. Anderson’s boat, the Quathiaski 10

This boat was used by the owner of the Quathiaski Cannery, W.E. Anderson for pleasure trips.

Mr. Pettingall on the tower of the Cape Mudge Lighthouse, Quadra Island

Mr. Pettingell was a missionary who was stationed at the Cape Mudge Village.

Group of Quadra ladies and their children on the beach, Quadra Island

Group includes members of the Anderson family. From left: Unknown, Unknown, Winnie Walker; in front of Winnie; Mae Anderson, Unknown, Velma Anderson, Elva Anderson, and Unknown. (Ursula identifies Elva and Mae as twins, perhaps fraternal?). Taken froma pPostcard dated August 11, 1909 at Heriot...

Members of the Yeatman family on the back porch of their home, Quadra Island

The Yeatman's farm was known as Sunny Side Farm.

Group of Quadra Island residents having an Easter picnic at the Lighthouse

Picnic group includes several member of the Anderson family of Quathiaski Canning Company, and other picnickers. On reverse of photograph from left to right: Val, Jack, Melvin, Mae, Mr. M., Mr. D, Mrs. Davidson, Mother, Mrs. Whipple, Mrs. Marshall, Elva, and Mae.

Group of Quadra Island school children

The Stantons in their "Family Car" at the head of Knight Inlet, B.C.

Laurette and Jim Stanton going visiting in their flat bottomed river boat, Knight Inlet.