The store and machine shop at the Landing, Stuart Island, B.C.

From left: Machine shop, cabin, post office, store. Jack Parrish had his machine shop in this location for approximately a year. He brought his machine shop from Redonda Bay where it was built, moved it to this location at the Landing, then moved it to his own property at Woodside Bay.

Quathiaski No. 10 coming in to dock with a load of passengers

The Quathiaski No. 10 was the Anderson family's personal launch.

Rob Yeatman self portrait, Quadra Island

Cortes Island settlers at May 24th picnic at Hague Lake

View of Port Neville after the big fire at Billy Hansen's Camp

The forest fire started at Boulder Bay in 1924. The large building in centre of photograph is the Hansen family home which was also the store and post office.

Church at Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

Dead deer at August Schnarr’s place, Bute Inlet

A boat under construction in August Schnarr's boat shed

This photograph is likely taken of the boat shed that August had at his home at Owen Bay.

Quathiaski No. 10 fully loaded and tied up at the wharf at Quathiaski

The Quathiaski No. 10 was the Anderson family's personal launch. This photograph was likely taken as the Anderson family were either coming to or leaving Quadra Island for their winter home in Vancouver.

Portrait of James and Ann Forrest's children

Clockwise from left: Peggy, Ann, Charlie, and Nara in front. The Forrest family lived at Shoal Bay Thurlow Island, B.C.

Wood and Armitage beside their boat at Refuge Cove

Wood and Armitage beside their boat at Refuge Cove

The Orchard in front of the Yeatman house, Quadra Island

Possibly Dot Yeatman standing in the yard of their home at Sunny Side Farm.

Group of women with bicyle in the Yeatman's back yard, Quadra Island

Woman second from the left may be Emma Anderson. Second from right is Mae Anderson. Elva Anderson on the far right.

Francis and Amy Barrow at Brown's Camp

The Barrows are holding their pet dogs Rinnie and Nanette

Karen Hansen daughter of early Port Neville, settler Hans Hansen.

Karen Hansen is the oldest daughter of Hans and Kathinka Hanseon and was born April 28, 1904.

Erro Luoma's car being unloaded off the Union Steamship Chelohsin at Granite Bay

Car is a 1930 or 1931 Chevrolet. The Chelohsin was part of the Union Steamship co. fleet

Bert Middleton home at Whaletown, Cortes Island

View of Blind Channel Cannery, Thurlow Island

The Blind Channel cannery was built in 1916 by W.E. Anderson who also owned the cannery at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island.

Quadra Island May Day, 1956

May pole dance celebrations held at Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island.

Christensen Family with Francis and Amy Barrow

The Christensens lived at Salt Lagoon, Redonda Island

“Moving buildings. Nodales Channel” from August Schnarr's album

Photograph likely taken when August Schnarr moved his floathouse to Bute Inlet.

Union Steamship, Cheakamus

Union Steamship, the Cheakamus, at Quadra Island (previously known as Valdez Island).

Gillnetter's catch at dock at Stuart Island

In the background is the store. This photograph was taken at The Landing, Stuart Island.

Rob and Frank Yeatman having a snow ball fight, Quadra Island

John Manson on Cortes Island