Luoma family stump ranch in Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Group on Read Island

Back from left: Bonnie Whittington, Paula Culbard, Cynthia Culbard, Jay Lambert, Kelly Landers. Middle: Isabelle Hayes, Bill Wittington, and Forest Lambert. Front from left: unknown, Lital (Whittington) McLean, Frank Tooker, and Jack McMakin.

View of Yeatman's farm, Quadra Island

View overlooking an acre of the Yeatman's farm, known as Sunny Side farm, on Quadra Island.

Mrs. Hatch of Frederick Arm and daughter with Amy Barrow

The Tipton home at Surge Narrows, Read Island

August Schnarr's daughters with dog

Pearl (on right) and Pansy Schnarr.

Laurette Staton with a dog

Reynolds family in front of their float house

The Reynolds float house was located at Watson Island, Tribune Channel

The Champions' small boat, Toba Inlet

The Champions lived up Toba Inlet

Social gathering at the Anderson family home in Quathiaski Cove

Agnes Twidle with a team of horses

Agnes and her husband Henry settled in Granite Bay in 1911.

Orphanage Picnic at the first Heriot Bay Hotel

Picnic group assembled on beach in front of the first Heriot Bay Hotel which was built about 1905 by Hosea A. Bull. This group of orphans is from Vancouver. The second Mrs. Bull (wife of Hosea) is at right rear (in hat), Frank Gagne is at the front, Billy St. Denis is on extreme left, and possibly...

64 lb Spring Salmon caught at Head of Knight Inlet, B.C.

Pleasure trip on board the pleasure craft Quathiaski 10

W.E. Anderson, who was the owner operator of the Quathiaski Canning Co., Quadra Island at the stern of the boat.

Quadra Island May Day, 1955

Stage at May Day celebrations.

Agnes Twidle admiring blossoms on a tree in her garden at Granite Bay

Agnes and her husband Henry settled in Granite Bay in 1911.

Erro Luoma's car being unloaded off the Union Steamship Chelohsin at Granite Bay

Car is a 1930 or 1931 Chevrolet. The Chelohsin was part of the Union Steamship co. fleet

Luoma Family Homestead at Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Livestock at the Luoma property. Alfred Luoma per-empted this property in 1906.

Welcome Figures, 1947

Welcome figures at Cape Mudge village, 1947.

Steamship at the Wharf on Mary Island

Gary and Win Keeling of Read Island

“Looking into Thurlow” from August Schnarr's album

Floathouses tied up at wharf area on Thurlow Island. Photograph likely taken at Shoal Bay, East Thurlow.

Members of the Women's Institute, St. John's Church, Quadra Island

May Day Quadra Island 1989

May Day parade car "Queen Asia"

Group of children on field at the Cape Mudge Village, Quadra Island

The man on the far left is Mr. Pettingell, a missionary. In the background is the Church and the mission house on the right.