Portrait of R.J. Walker, Quadra Island's first teacher

August Schnarr's daughters with dog

Pearl (on right) and Pansy Schnarr.

Earthquake damage on Read Island

Earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and was 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

August and Zaida Schnarr's daughters wearing rose hip necklaces

Pearl on the left, Pansy on the right, likely taken when the family lived at Bute Inlet.

May Day celebration on Quadra Island, 1922

Queen of this year's May Day was Elza Johnson (tallest blonde girl), 1922.

Rob Yeatman with dead pidgeons, Quadra Island

These wild pigeons had been eating his oats. Photograph was taken on the Yeatman family farm, known as Sunny Side Farm.

Children at the Mother Goose Day event held at Walker's place, Quadra Island

R.J. Walker's home was located at Gowlland Harbour, Quadra Island.

View of glacier at the head of Bute Inlet

The Anderson family home in Vancouver

View of Granite Bay in winter, taken from the front door of the Twidle home

Written on back of photograph; "Granite Bay, B.C. Taken directly from front of our house. H.T."

Luoma Family Homestead at Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Stenfors homestead, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Stenfors stump ranch, Granite Bay.

Members of the Anderson family on their boat the Quathiaski No. 10

August Schnarr and other's caging a cougar

This cougar is probably the cougar treed in photograph no. 14437 which was treed by cougar bounty hunter August Schnarr.

Early Stuart Island settlers

From left: Sara Madsen, Margaret Parrish, Gerd Holm, Bertha Meuhle, and Bill Meuhle.

Quadra Island May Day, 1956

May pole dance celebrations held at Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island.

View of Quathiaski Cove, 1964

Plowing the fields at the Yeatman family farm (Sunny Side) on Quadra Island

Gathering at Quadra Island

From left: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Noble, Bruce Noble, Dorothy Price, Mrs. A.V. Joyce, Jack Garfield, Mr. and Mrs. D. Clayton, and Jack Noble.

Saulter and Frank in front of box for steaming planks

"This looks like manufacture of hooch, but is nothing worse than a steam box for bending planks for their boat" - note from the original Barrow journal. Saulter and Frank were friends of the Barrows who lived at Prideaux Haven.

Seine boats tied up at Quathiaski Canning Co. wharf, Quadra Island

See also photograph no. 9086 which was taken at the same time but from a slightly different angle.

The The new elementary school on Quadra Island shortly after construction

View of glacier at the head of Bute Inlet

Read Island resident surveying damage from the 1946 earthquake

This earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

Forrest family children on a log at Shoal Bay

Right to left: Charlie, Bunty, Annie, Peggy, and F. Mills. Photograph taken when the family lived at Shoal Bay, Thurlow Island, B.C.