Union Steamship, Camosun, at Knox Bay

Union Steamship, Camosun, docked at the wharf at Knox Bay where P.B. Anderson's logging operation was located.

At the Marlatt house on Mary Island

Mabel Marlatt with her daughter Doris and a friend.

Group of Quadra ladies and their children on the beach, Quadra Island

Group includes members of the Anderson family. From left: Unknown, Unknown, Winnie Walker; in front of Winnie; Mae Anderson, Unknown, Velma Anderson, Elva Anderson, and Unknown. (Ursula identifies Elva and Mae as twins, perhaps fraternal?). Taken froma pPostcard dated August 11, 1909 at Heriot...

Church at Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

Group of early Stuart Island settlers

Back from left: Mary Brimacombe, unknown, Bill Meuhle, Bertha Meuhle, Mrs. Willoughey, and Eva Dyck. Two front ladies from left: Sandy Pritchard and Margaret Parrish.

Granite Bay residents skating on the frozen Granite Bay Harbour

Velma and Mae Anderson on verandah of their home at Quathiaski Cove

Both are wearing "middy suits" which were popular for school, sports, and everyday wear in the late 1910s and 1920s.

Black bear probably shot by August Schnarr in Bute Inlet

Group at the beach at Drew Harbour, Quadra Island

From left: Helen Joyce, Ida Roberts, unknown man behind her, Dot Yeatman, Mike Andrews, Frank Yeatman, and George Yeatman.

Union Steamship, Cheakamus, at Blind Channel

The Fearings and Barrows Jackson Bay, Topaz Harbour.

Amy Barrow on far left and Francis Barrow on far left.

Studio portrait of Grace V. Hood of Quadra Island

Photograph taken when Grace was 2 years, 9 months old.

Union Steamship SS Chelohsin at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

Read Island residents gathered for a Victoria Day Picnic

A Victoria Day picnic held on May 24th at the Jones' Place. Late 1910s-1920s.

Hunters in Knight Inlet area with grizzly hide

Hunters: Dr. E.R. Rodger, C.J. Maxton Levon Bender and Fred Maroff with a grizzly hide measuring 9 1/2" by 9 1/2" ft. Presumably these hunters where guided by Jim Stanton, well known Knight Inlet resident.

Amy Barrow, nee Bradford

Visitors on the boardwalk at Cape Mudge Lighthouse, Quadra Island

August and Zaida Schnarr's daughters at their homestead

From left to right: Marion, Pansy and Pearl Schnarr with McPhee's puppies at their Bute Inlet homestead.

Luoma family stump ranch in Granite Bay, Quadra Island

The Wilson family in front of their home on Quadra Island

Left to right: Robert Wilson Jr., Arlette Wilson, Chris Jones Jr., Jane Jr., Pearl Wilson. At their first home next door to the Bagots. "Had to go about half a mile to get water. Dad was night watchman at the cannery at this time. The well went dry every summer" - Grace Wilson McPherson.

Hansen Family on the porch of their home at Port Neville

From left: Lily (Bendickson) Hansen, Hans Hansen, Oly Hansen holding Harold Hansen, Lily (Hansen) Randall, Karen Hansen. Hans Hansen (in wheelchair) died in 1939 therefore it is likely that this photograph was taken in the the late 1930's.

Plowing the fields at the Yeatman family farm (Sunny Side) on Quadra Island

Members of the Hansen family in front of their home at Port Neville

Left to right: Lilly, Kathinka, Edith (front) and Karen Hansen in front of house at Port Neville.

August Schnarr's daughters with dog

Pearl (on right) and Pansy Schnarr.

Gillnet Boat fleet at Deepwater Bay, Quadra Island, 1949