Quadra Island May Day, 1956

Mr. Chapman at his house on Stuart Island

"The place where C. shot the cougar. I just to the right of the pole on the left." identification from Barrow's original journal

Portrait of Mary Marlatt

Mary Marlatt was a settler on Mary Island.

String of marten trapped by August Schnarr

August Schnarr had a trapline in the Bute Inlet area which is likely where these were trapped.

View of the Port Neville Store and post office

Hans Hansen established the store and post office at Port Neville, B.C.

Group of children at Cortes Island

Rose Manson (McKay) is second from left.

Animal cages at Schnarr homestead, Bute Inlet, 1920’s

Commercial fishing boats tied up in front of Quathiaski Cannery, Quadra Island

The building on the left is the home of the Anderson family, who owned and operated the cannery.

Portrait of R.J. Walker, Quadra Island's first teacher

Group with Tom Brazil's pet deer at Blind Bay, Hardy Island

Tom Brazil is second from left.

Members of the Anderson family on their boat the Quathiaski No. 10

Looking up Knight Inlet from Glendale Cove

Amy Barrow in rowboat with the Barrows boat the Toketie in the background.

Man moving into a farm, Blind Channel

Quadra Island May Day celebrations, 1955

May Day celebrations held at Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island.

The "Percy Belsons" on the deck of their float house

The Belsons' float camp was located near Dent Island.

Schnarr girls with their pet cougar

Marion Schnarr with cougar, Girlie. Pearl Schnarr is in the background. Photograph taken near the Schnarr homestead at Owen Bay.

Keeling Children with horses on Read Island

Gary, Clarence, and Win Keeling; raised by the Tiptons at Read Island.

Interior of Schnarr house, early 1920’s Bute Inlet

The Union Steamship, Cowichan, at Quathiaski Cove

Reynolds family in front of their float house

The Reynolds float house was located at Watson Island, Tribune Channel

Earthquake damage on Read Island

Earthquake took place on June 5, 1946 and was 7.3 on the Richter Scale.

Parker's Logging Camp

The Parkers' float camp was located at Trevenon Bay.

Church at Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

Group of ladies at Stuart Island

Back row from left: Sandra Pritchard, Margaret Parrish. Middle row from left: Mrs. 'Biff' Marshall, Mrs. Roberta Aucoin, Margaret Bogel, Gerd Evans. Front row from left: Mrs. Dyck (nurse), her daughter Mary, Gayleen Evans, Frances Pritchard Anderson, Marilyn Marshall, Billy Dyck.

Francis and Amy Barrow at Brown's Camp

The Barrows are holding their pet dogs Rinnie and Nanette