August and Zaida Schnarr's daughters wearing rosehip necklaces

Pearl on the left, Pansy on the right, likely taken when the family lived at Bute Inlet.

R.J. Walker, Winnie, and Reverend J. Walker, Quadra Island

Quathiaski No. 10 coming in to dock with a load of passengers

The Quathiaski No. 10 was the Anderson family's personal launch.

Portrait of Margaret Emma Anderson

Margaret Anderson was the wife of W.E. Anderson. The Anderson family owned and operated the Quathiaski Canning Co. which operated at Quadra Island. This portrait was probably taken at the same time as the portrait of W.E. Anderson (catalog no. 19534) in the 1940s.

The boat Five B.R., at Needle Peaks, Bute Inlet

Amy Barrow with a group of residents

From left: Amy Barrow, Bill Horth, Frank Norris, Frank Shepheard, and Percy Belson.

August Schnarr's daughters with dog

Pearl (on right) and Pansy Schnarr.

View of Yeatman's farm, Quadra Island

View overlooking an acre of the Yeatman's farm, known as Sunny Side farm, on Quadra Island.

Mr. Pettingall on the tower of the Cape Mudge Lighthouse, Quadra Island

Mr. Pettingell was a missionary who was stationed at the Cape Mudge Village.

Quathiaski 10 at Blind Channel circa 1920s

"Father, Mother, and Auntie Anne" Members of the Anderson family on board their boat the Quathiaski 10 which was used for pleasure trips. W.E. Anderson was the owner of the Quathiaski Canning Company. From left: W.E. Anderson, Margaret Anderson and "Auntie" Anne.

Stenfors homestead, Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Stenfors stump ranch, Granite Bay.

The Marlatt family

Clockwise from left: Charles, Egerton, Elizabeth, Roy, Samuel with Mary, Paul, and Winonah. Members of the Marlatt family homesteaded on Mary Island.

Gentleman in front garden of J. Hovell’s home, Quadra Island

Members of the Robertson and Middleton Family, Cortes Island

From left: Margaret Robertson, Margaret Middleton (daughter of Bert Middleton and niece of Harry M.), Anna Manson (visiting Mrs. David Robertson), Duncan Robertson, and Alan Robertson. Photo taken July, 1916 in Whaletown on Cortes Island.

Flo and Floss Manson of Cortes Island

Flo at right, and Floss on left.

Either the Homathko or the Southgate River, head of Bute Inlet

View of glacier at the head of Bute Inlet

Schnarr family house at homestead up Bute Inlet Inlet, Schnarr Landing

Black bear probably shot by August Schnarr in Bute Inlet

At the Stanton's, Knight Inlet

The Barrows' boat Toketie tied up along side other boats which presumably belong to Jim and Laurette Stanton. From left, seated in the boat: Laurette Stanton, Amy Barrow, and Jim Stanton. The Stantons had a homestead at the head of Knight Inlet. This photograph looks like it was taken in river.

The Falks' Place, August 1913

Moving house, Heriot Bay, Quadra Island

Small raft with cargo truck on back, carrying several items including a motorcycle described as "Quadra Island, Heriot Bay Teacher House"

Keeling Children with horses on Read Island

Gary, Clarence, and Win Keeling; raised by the Tiptons at Read Island.

W.E. Anderson, owner operator of the Quathiaski Canning Company, at his home in Vancouver

View of glacier at the head of Bute Inlet